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Welcome to Beni Bear's and The Beni Bear Club website...

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An Introduction from Beni Bear...

Hello Everyone!

My name is Beni Bear and welcome to my site! I hopes that you find my site helpful...

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I live with my mummy and I am 3 years old. I help my mummy lots and between us we run a little club in Swindon called 'The Beni Bear Club'.  Our mission is to help make life amazing for special children by helping them and their families in any way we can. We volunteer our time and are always fundraising to make sure that we can provide anything from sensory equipment to crayons and paper for all my friends.

My friends are very special. They are aged between 3 (like me!) and 18 years old currently - but one day we will be working with older children too - and a lot of them cope every day with a disability, condition or illness which can make their life a bit challenging. Here at The Beni Bear Club, we aim to make those challenges a little easier for them in anyway we can. We are here to provide help, support, equipment and even funds when my friends or their families are finding things a bit tough.

We are out most weekends raising funds and everything we raise helps a child in some way. My mummy makes jewellery and teddy bears and sensory items and I help her sell it at craft events, fairs and fun-days and we also are lucky enough to be able to collect donations at some of the evening events we attend too. Every penny that we make for my fund goes to helping my friends. Please check out the rest of my website for information about what we plan to do and things we have already done in our community.

Thank you!

Beni Bear xx


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