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Beni Bear & Tikko (Canada)

Beni Bear has made a very special friend in Canada - Tikko the Polar Bear!


Tikko belongs to Dorian who has Autism and he travels all over the world to raise awareness. Beni is very excited that Tikko is his friend and that Tikko is coming to visit him very soon. Beni Bear and Tikko will be posting their adventures on here and Facebook so you can see what mischeif they get up to! 

Who is Tikko?

TIKKO, Dorian's favorite AUTISTIC plush Polar Bear is packing his bags and venturing out into the world to promote AUTISM AWARENESS.  Tikko takes a letter from Dorian outlining some of the characteristics of Autism, and an invitation to "Join the Journey" on Tikko's Facebook page, "TIKKO TRAVELS". 

Tikko travels the globe visiting famous landmarks and meeting new people; even celebrities!  While Tikko is busy raising Autism Awareness, we are sharing valuable information with our Tikko community.  Wherever Tikko visits, we research autism in the area - now we're learning about how autism affects local families and what support systems are in place. 

We share inspiring stories of children who overcome challenges to do amazing things! To engage your children we post fun polar bear photos, jokes, and humorous stories!  Those who take Tikko on vacation share a special place in our hearts.  We are truly grateful for all the fun "Tikko" photos they send us!  You can view our photo albums on Tikko's Facebook page, or here at our Tikko Gallery. 

If you'd like to take Tikko with you on your next trip, or invite Tikko to your next Autism event, please contact


Find Travelling Tikko here:

Beni Bear & Joey/Marianne (USA)

In the USA there is a lovely man called Joey and his sister Marianne. Marianne is very clever and made a book series! Then she made is into a colouring book (and you know how much Beni Bear loves his colouring) and one was sent to him all the way from America!

Will You Be My Friend?

Joey's Ups with Downs is a children's book series about Joey's life experiences having Down syndrome. Teaching children the traits of empathy & compassion to combat bullying.

"Have you ever found yourself staring at someone in a store or restaurant who may act or look differently? We all have. Will You Be My Friend? walks us through what it's like living with a disability and trying to have real friends who will share their love, while disregarding any differences.

Joey, my brother who has Down Syndrome, teaches us how to be a friend to someone who may have different challenges, and reminds us of all the joys that come with friendship.

You and your child will share laughs and maybe even shed a tear. Best of all, the similarities with our own life experiences will remind us of how alike we all really are, regardless of how we look or act!" (Marianne Marts, Joey's Sister)

Find 'Will You By My Friend?' and Joey here:


Ashton's Gift

Beni Bear has another special friend all the way in Australia! 'Ashton's Gift' is the story of Ashton living a life with pain. Paroxysmal extreme pain disorder a very rare condition that has shown us just how strong a little boy can be. Beni Bear read Ashton's story and decided to send him one of his Brave Team to help look after him on all the hospital visit's he has to have.

Please go to this link "Ashton's Gift" and read more about Ashton and his journey....

Our International Ambassador!

This is the beautiful and amazing Jade Madden she is all the way out in Australia and is our first ever International Ambassador. She helps raise awareness for us to all her followers on YouTube - check out this amazing video the she did for us!! 

(And don't forget to subscribe to her channel!)

Special Announcement + Orange Glitter Cut Crease | Jade Madden

This is Tikko!! 

I'm an Ambassador!

Me and Tikko...


 This is Joey & Marianne!

This is me with my colouring book, but mummy said I had to read it first!


Jade Madden!!!