Beni Bear

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Beni Bear's Pirate Party (for Hop Skip & Jump, SWindon)

Beni Bear is always looking at ways of making his visits to Hop Skip & Jump more interesting for his friends...

This particular occasion Beni Bear wanted to be a Pirate (sadly Tikko wanted to be a Princess....) so he set about, with some help from that silly polar bear and his mummy, making himself a pirate costume and Tikko and princess dress... what fun they had! They even had time to make cakes for all their friends at the party too!


Beni Bear meets Paddington Bear

Beni Bear loves meeting new people and other bears especially...

In the summer of 2014, Beni Bear went to London with his mummy and daddy and met Paddington Bear! He was so excited!!! And even better still, when he came home, Paddington Bear's friends were outside his local supermarket when he went out to buy his sausages for tea!!


Stonehenge Adventure

Stonehenge is an extremely famous landmark and tourist attraction in the UK, known all over the world.

Beni Bear went to see Stonehenge to see what all the fuss was about! What a day he had with his best friend! They saw lots of things, did lots of walking and gift buying, but especially enjoyed the thinking about how they could build one themselves in their back garden....


 Beni Bear meets Dr Who

Beni Bear loves to do things with his daddy, especially if it involves Heroes of any kind... One of Beni Bear's heroes is Dr Who!

On his daddy's birthday in 2014, they went to the Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff, UK, where they saw all sorts of wonderful things. Beni Bear dressed up like Dr Who and even went on a time-travelling adventure in the TARDIS!!!


Rocking out!!!

Just like his daddy, Beni Bear loves music...He likes to play music with his friends at Hop Skip & Jump, so to keep him inspired, he goes to gigs and plays his guitar...


Beni Bear's Ice-Bucket Challenge

In the summer of 2014, Beni Bear decided to help another UK Charity Organisation - MND - this was done by so many people across the world, the famous 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

Not to be left out Beni Bear decided he would also take part (that and he had been nominated by that silly polar bear)... He enjoyed raising money but not the ice.... best leave that one to the polar bears next time...


Baking and Selling...

Now you all know that Beni Bear loves his cupcakes, but did you know he often spends time with Angel Cakes & Divine Bakes, selling them too?

He especially loves the fact that he is the only bear in the world to have his very own #BearLove cupcake which was developed by him with the owner of Angel Cakes & Divine cakes. There's a picture of some above - don't they look good?


Beni Bear does DIY for HSJ!

As well as fundraising for his friends, Beni Bear likes to get stuck in and build some of the bits and pieces The Beni bear Club has supplied to Hop Skip & Jump


Beading with mummy

When Beni Bear's mummy started her Bear-Craft Jewellery stall, Beni wanted to make sure that he was fully involved in all design and making decisions. He even took classes to learn how to make necklaces...


Spooooooooooky happenings and things that go bump in the night....

Beni Bear never needs an excuse to dress up so when his friends invited him over for a Halloween party and spooky sleep over he jumped at the chance.... and of course the mention of cupcakes helped....



When the chance came up for Beni Bear to go to London with some friends and go on a dinosaur hunt, he couldn't pack his bags fast enough!

Follow more of Beni Bear's adventures as he explores the world on his Facebook page!