Beni Bear

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Beni Bear has also made some very special friends!


Maureen Nolan

Beni Bear is always wanting to help his friends from The Beni Bear Club and this particular time, whilst helping out one of his friends with her confidence at a singing class she was invited to, Beni Bear was lucky enough to meet a very special lady - Maureen Nolan...

Not only was Maureen very interested in letting Beni Bear tell her all about his work, but she said he did very well in class and sent him home with a note for his mummy saying he had been a very good little bear!

Marti Pellow

Following on from Beni Bear meeting Maureen Nolan, he was lucky enough  to be invited to watch her perform in a big stage production of Blood Brothers. Maureen starred alongside Marti Pellow who wanted to meet Beni Bear too!

He came home and told his mummy that he had been a good bear and was very polite to everyone he met, but he thinks Marti Pellow wanted his boots!


But some of Beni Bear's Friends are far more special than Celebrities....

Beni Bear really does have some very special friends indeed.... and they are not all celebrity in nature... Most of them are his friends from The Beni Bear Club who he works tirelessly to support and help. His appearances and meeting of wonderfully high profile people are amazing... but these children hold the biggest part of his heart.

He will continue for a very long time to come to ensure each and everyone of them is shown as much #BearLove as his little paws can manage...