Beni Bear

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The Beni Bear Club

"Helping make life amazing for special children"


On 1st May 2014, Beni Bear's Autism Club is changed it's name. We have now become simply The Beni Bear Club.

Beni Bear has made this decision following a chat with his mummy about how he could include more of his friends in the work that he does. He will always campaign and help children with ASD, but this means other amazing children with other conditions can also benefit from his fundraising.

The Beni Bear Club is here for many reasons and in the future wants to expand.  Beni Bear wants to help everyone in this group who come to us for help/advice, socialising or support.  Sometimes having a child with ASD can make you feel lonely, but please know you are not alone. This group will provide support, information, advice and eventually we aim to raise money through Beni Bear's own charity (Beni Bear Helps) to help families fund private testing if it is needed - but for now we'll fund social events when we can.

We are also here for fundraising, and to brand what we do with a name everyone can remember. The Beni Bear Club has a community bank account which means although he is not currently a registered charity in his own right (because we've not been lucky enough to raise £5000 in a year yet) he does have a bank account that anyone can pay into, donate to and it is fully registered with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. 

Beni Bear is very wise and takes advice and guidance from different sources on what to buy, how to buy it and makes sure that every penny is accounted for.... clever bear...


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Beni Bear says, 
"Please share with others you know who may sometimes need an extra paw to help and let's all be friends and share a little #BearLove!"